Strawberry Cream

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For all these Smoothie recipe simply follow my 5 minute directions. Add all the
ingredients into your Vitamix or similar high-speed blender. Make sure to add
fresh spring water. Add as much water as you like in order to reach your desired
thickness of the smoothie. For all the smoothie recipes, make sure to use organic
products, fruits and vegetables if possible.
Mix the strawberries, the ricotta cheese, the milk and the cream in a blender and
swirl it into a creamy texture while adding the raw honey.
In the summer adding some additional ice cubes might be a very refreshing idea.
Instead of the ice cubes you can also add some strawberry or raspberry sherbert
or ice cream. This is totally optional and depends on your goal. If your goal is to
lose weight then just skip the creamy stuff!
Enjoy this refreshing and delicious smoothie!


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